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Year of Release: 2013
Theatrical Release Date:
October 31, 2012

Director: Glenn Clano
Writing Credits:
Glenn Clano/ Robert Rotondo, Jr.
Run Time:
95 min.
Studio: Screen Media

Cast: Michael Madsen, William Forsythe, Christy Carlson Romano

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Summary: A father and his son must fight to protect themselves against a group of hunters that have been infected by a rapidly spreading blood virus.

Reviewer Film Ratings:
Plot: 1.5 | Fun Factor: 1.5 | Gore: 3.5 | Nudity: 1.5 | Scare Factor: 1.5 | Overall: 2/5

A film ripe with misdirection, but still worth a rental.
Reviewed by bronxtko

There are occasions when you can score a winner off of a blind rental - it usually depends on your mood and how you are willing to accept the movie at the time. A perfect example of said words would be Screen Media's 2013 feature, Infected.

Right off the bat we are presented at the beginning of the movie with our heroic defenders, Michael Madsen & William Forsythe (2 guys that possess more bad-assdom than your everyday Hollywood tough guys) - we are put smack dab into a Night of the Living Dead-style cabin defense display that would make any shoot-em-up fan stand up and salute.

We then settle back into a more subdued 12 hour regression of events, setting the table of information as to why the characters are in the state they are in. It appears that a blood-virus that was spawned by tick bites (a mutated kind of Lyme Disease) has caused some locals around a wooded cabin to slowly lose their minds and relegate them into flesh-craving lunatics.

Michael Madsen plays an alcoholic weekend hunter named Louis that is trying desperately to bond with his son, Andrew (which is failing miserably), and William Forsythe plays Dr. Edward Dennehey, who also has dragged his solemn son along in hopes of breaking him out of his shell while engaging in some regulated killing.

We then are shoved face-first into a mish-mosh of characters that for whatever reason have decided to tag along on this hunting retreat. If I were to delve into every person that is residing in the cabin, you would surely need a scorecard, but one of the more memorable would be one of the guest's sweet old granny, who has become catatonic, and then decides to sink her Polident ridden teeth into the Doc's hands when he is giving her an impromptu checkup.

The amount of wayward activity is somewhat of a deterrent, such as why does one of the cabin's guests decide to show up for the weekend with a hooker ? I guess we will never know, and WHY are all of these people so ignorant to the fact that Grandma is out on her feet for a good portion of the film, but is able to get the sneaky drop on so many victims. Does cabin fever result in stupidity ?

It is not too long before things go south very quickly, as the infection spreads to local townspeople, and they decide to scurry off into the woods to look for dinner. Madsen and Forsythe arm themselves with rifles that at times NEVER seem to be re-loaded, and unlike a zombie requiring a headshot to be taken out, one of these rampaging psychos can be halted by a well placed shot to their hip....or shoulder....or get the idea.

Madsen seems to rage at certain points in the movie for no good reason, while Forsythe possesses the cool, even-keeled demeanor that still sustains even after he starts to fall victim to the disease eating away at him. His ragged, gravelly sounding voice is enough to make your spine rattle whether playing the a-typical good guy, or a homicidal maniac, and for that reason it seems as if not for both of these actors bookending this movie, all would be lost.

Gore is aplenty, much as the bullets flying, and the psychos raging - lives are lost, hope is (potentially) within reach, and we come to a conclusion that will either make you scratch your head, or be thankful that the film is over - if you are a fan of either actor, this is worth a rental, but if you can live without the tough-guy pissing on the campfire kind of movie, skip it and rent something else.

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