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Year of Release: 2013
Theatrical Release Date:

Director: Richard Griffin
Writing Credits:
Guy Benoit
Run Time:
86 mins.
Studio: Wild Eye, Scorpio Films

Cast: Debbie Rochon, Michael Thurber, Evalena Marie, Sarah Nicklin

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Summary: A warped and mysterious family are unable to leave the house they reside in for unknown reasons. When this strange brood decide to turn their captivity into a sick and violent game, it challenges their very reality and puts all of their lives in great jeopardy

Reviewer Film Ratings:
Plot: 3.5 | Fun Factor: 2 | Gore: 2 | Nudity: 1.5 | Scare Factor: 3 | Overall: 4/5

A Pleasant But Unusual Surprise
Reviewed by Xander_Kane

Exhumed is one of those really rare low budget films that should leave a lasting impression on you. Nailing down the psychological horror genre is no small feat. Often times we get something that starts off strong but eventually loses you halfway through due to a multitude of reasons. Psychological horror is by far my favorite sub genre mainly because it always leaves you thinking about it days after. A sub genre that is almost always open to interpretation is quite the slippery slope. The fact that Richard Griffin decided to also do a throwback to film noir by filming it in black and white was incredibly ballsy. This decision alone is one of the key reasons I enjoyed the film.

The story is about a family that lives in a house and they all seem to have some precarious behavior. For unknown reasons the members of house are unable to leave. Taking on a new roommate is where this story begins. Chris is this "lucky" new roommate that is only residing in the house for a few weeks. Laura (who is one of the members of the family) takes a liking to Chris and becomes a bit infatuated with him. The governess who is played by the indie queen Debbie Rochon is not pleased with Laura's behavior. Perhaps the most interesting character in this film is the Butler played flawlessly by Michael Thurber. You really can't help but be fascinated when he speaks on screen. His on screen chemistry with whoever he is filming a scene with is always on point. The rest of the characters are Rocki (who is always in a nighty/lingerie) and Lance who is just flat out weird and we never are really sure of his intentions. Both of these characters really play minimal but effective roles in the movie.

Exhumed also should be given praise for its soundtrack. The music works in tandem with what we see on screen to give fluidity to the tone of the film. If the music was mishandled it would ruin the enjoyment of the film noir style it was going for. Throughout the film you will be asking yourself questions about what is laid before your eyes. We are not always given straight answers that many people may find infuriating. For me this adds to the allure of the movie. I don't need everything explained to me in great detail. The mystery is part of the reason I enjoyed Exhumed. The film is shot at one location which I assume kept the cost low on location. By doing this it allows Griffin to put his money in other places to create a better film.

Director Richard Griffin is now a guy I will be looking out for in the future. His visually appealing style and attention to detail is promising for all genre fans. This is a movie that requires all of your attention. Go into where ever it is you watch your movies at and throw yourself into it. Turn off your phones and computers as well. Distractions could cause you to miss some of the things that make this worth the watch.

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